Hey! What’s Your thesis? [Sam]

Inspired by this week’s successful and exciting mid reviews, the series Hey! What’s your thesis? launches as an examination of what thesis students are working on, what they’re inspired by, and what are their favorite snacks–in their own words.

Our first thesiser, one of our very own M.Archs, kicks us off below.


Who are you?



Hey! What’s your thesis?

It’s called Happy Clouds. It’s about devising a way to create designs from sampling the physical world using 3D scanning, drawing from sampling in electronic music as an inspiration.


How does thesis make you feel?

Thesis is a wonderful opportunity to develop new skills and do something provocative and test your limits. I learned a lot about computer programming.


Draw us a picture of your thesis:



Tell us a thesis secret. 

Come up with good names for things. Names are super important.


Complete this sentence. My thesis is fueled by…




An image from “Sam’s” thesis mid review boards



Thanks to “Sam” as our first Hey! Thesis contributor, and stay tuned for more thesis-y interviews!






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