Too Many Architects in the Kitchen: Dumpling Edition

This weekend some of us MIT Architecture students got together and learned how to make dumplings.

First, one begins by mixing the filling: shredded pork, cabbage, and some green onion.


You must take the filling and center it on the dumpling wrapper. Then comes the hard part, an issue of form. You must decide how to securely close the dumpling, give it a shape and very carefully close it shut using wetness as paste. While we were given some proven, and suggested methods of figuring these little and delicious treats, us, being architects were little interested in following the directions. We ended up with some variety of dumpling forms. There was the empanada shape, the “ball” shape, and the ever [failed] heart shape.



Here Dan Li, shows us the proper and beautiful method for closing these little guys. [sorry for the bad videography]

After, we boil and fry. Both are a little trickier then you might think. In the boiling method the dumplings must boil twice, to ensure the filling is fully cooked. You do this by adding a cup of cool water in between boils. To the dumplings that are fried, one must add a bit of hot water and then cover for a few minutes to allow the steam to cook the inside of the dumpling.




Thank you to Dan, Hui, and Wenfei for teaching us! And thank you to Karen for providing your lovely kitchen!


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