Not to brag too much, but I have some friends doing pretty cool things out there in the world. One such friend, Alison, is writing for The Huffington Post food section and recently published an article, “International Foods That Are Hard To Find, From Fish Sperm To Duck Embryos.” Knowing that I’d been lucky enough to travel to Vietnam, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany in the last year, she asked if I had any suggestions as she was researching for the article. I did! But, mine were oh so tame and lame compared to what else she discovered. Learn about sapodilla, escaroles, lundi, milt and more! Hint: one of those items is the titular fish sperm.

She begins the article, “In today’s globalized world, you can basically find any food you want, anywhere you want. You no longer have to travel to France for perfect macarons or Korea for a bowl of bibimbap. You can order everything from tamales to dosas from food carts across the U.S., and you can find Swedish filmjölk at Whole Foods.” Read the article, and see more fun pictures, on The Huffington Post!

Some more faraway food pix from my recent travels…

Spices in Bangkok

Spices in Bangkok

Faraway Foods 1

Nyponsoppa and crisps in Sweden

"King" crab in Halong Bay, Vietnam

“King” crab in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Faraway Foods 2

Mini Haribo bags in Hamburg, Germany

Knäckebröd in Sweden

Knäckebröd in Sweden

I’m hoping to write a Part 2 of Alison’s article in another year, so let us know the faraway foods you’re craving in your home country after some fun adventure abroad!


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