Lectures and Symposia and Events, Oh My!

Sarah Whiting

Mark your calendars!

In case you missed it, HQ just released our list of upcoming lectures, symposia, and events for the spring semester. I have to say, they’ve really outdone themselves this semester! Not only do we have some flashy names on the calender (i.e. Sylvia Lavin (04-03), Shigeru Ban (02-27), Thom Mayne (04-07), and Sarah Whiting (04-17) but the rest of the lineup has a great combination of interesting conversations, established designers and thinkers, and exciting newcomers. We’ve got a great lineup of Symposia too- ACT (03-06 to 03-07), AKPIA (04-10 to 04-11), and CAU (04-11 to 04-12).

I’m especially excited for the Architectural Design “Dinner with the In-Laws” series, “an internal debate series among family on the disciplinary topics that shape the practice and research of our school.” It’s always great to get a little more insight into the inner workings of our own MIT community. And I bet the debate between colleagues will really keep our faculty on their toes- for example when Ana Miljački takes on Skylar Tibbits (03-11), or when Liam O’Brien & Meejin Yoon go head-to-head (04-16). I can’t wait to see everyone bring their A-game!


2014-02-06 19.04.46

The list hasn’t gone live on the website yet, but if its not in your inbox you should be able to find it soon at http://architecture.mit.edu/lectures.


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