India Part 1: Chennai

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing my adventures as I travel around Mumbai and Gujarat with a group of MIT Architecture and Planning students, as part of a workshop called “Gujarat Community Waterscapes”. Before getting my learning on though, I’ve spent the last couple of days with my sister in Chennai (which is a large coastal city in the south east of the country). She is living there while working on a really cool startup.

My second day there we visited the village of Mahabilipuram, 60km south of the city, which is famous for its rock sculptures and temples. Because of the plethora of early stone carvings there, historians think the area may have been a training ground for apprentice sculptors.


Stone carving park:

IMG_0306 IMG_0330

Shore Temple:

IMG_0233 IMG_0219 IMG_0213

Tamil Festival:

IMG_0351IMG_0265 IMG_0254 IMG_0250 IMG_0249

Wily monkey:



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