A Swedish Christmas

24 hours after our last Core 1 final last Friday, I flew to Stockholm with my parents to spend Christmas with my mom’s family. (And after an exhausting first semester, I was asleep within seconds for the transatlantic flight! Architecture school = guaranteed smooth flying.)

We arrived a day after the darkest day of the year and even the unusually warm temperatures weren’t enough to erase the draining effect of just six hours of sunlight a day. Swedes make the most of it, however. Starting at sunset at 2:48pm, Stockholm becomes speckled with light and candle fixtures with a sleek, modern Scandinavian aesthetic. (And so different from the red-blue-green flashing strings of lights seen in my Somerville neighborhood.)

Some photos:

Stockholm 1

Stockholm 2

Stockholm 3

Stockholm 4

Stockholm 5

Stockholm 6

Stockholm 7

Stockholm 8



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