Core III Final Review!

As you may have guessed by the petering out of posts over here at Arch Kiosk, this was final review week at MIT. My studio was no exception; this week we finished the third of three Core studios in our sequence. Our day featured fishy-themed snacks related to our fish pier adaptation proposal, multi-media presentations (with four simultaneous projectors!), and giant models galore!

At MIT, we have three fundamental Core studios, followed by three Option studios where we get to ballot for professors and topics. And after that, thesis! So, for my class that means we are finally free from the binds of Core, and are eagerly awaiting balloting for our fancy option studios in the spring. Onward ho!

2013-12-10 16.16.50 2013-12-10 16.19.04  2013-12-10 16.35.11 2013-12-10 16.38.38 2013-12-10 16.45.13 2013-12-10 16.45.24 2013-12-10 17.35.02 2013-12-10 17.41.28 2013-12-10 16.19.32


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  1. […] week was final review week for studios at MIT, which Lizzie posted about yesterday. Core I came first, on Monday afternoon, which freed us up to observe some of the other great work […]

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