POCKET REF (FOURTH EDITION): Everything you ever wanted to know


Pocket Ref, Fourth Edition

Ever wonder how people found anything out before the internet? Or how those people without smart phones are able to operate?

Answer: Pocket Ref, Fourth Edition

It might not fit in your skinny jeans, but almost. This 864-page mini-tome covers everything from First Aid (how to treat a sucking chest wound, anyone?) to Airline Toll Free numbers, to Wood Gluing Characteristics, to Cloud Types (how to identify a stratocummulous) to Element Properties. I highly recommend it as a desktop companion for all the charts, tables, and diagrams that aren’t always easy to Google. And, its kind of fun to read too (in a highly MIT-nerd kind of way).


Pocket Ref, Fourth Edition: Crane operator signals


Pocket Ref, Fourth Edition: Knots


Pocket Ref, Fourth Edition: General Gas Laws and Formulas


Pocket Ref, Fourth Edition: Country Codes



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