My brand new HTC one.

My brand new HTC one.

After three years of a very old, and consistently crappy Motorola, I’ve finally upgraded to the HTC One (which was just released on Verizon this Friday).  I know what you’re thinking; why would you spend $200 on something that’s not an iPhone! I can’t say I didn’t consider it, but the truth is, competitors have come along way in outshining Macs in more than just megapixels.

I’ve had my own love affair with Apple products. My first laptop was a 15″ Macbook pro, and that beast served me for a solid five years. At that time, Apple really made sense for us creative types;  sturdy objects with a designer’s interface, compatibility with design software, and an overall aesthetic sensibility that appeals to designers.  However, Macbooks don’t really stand up to their competitors anymore; for the same $$, you can get more EVERYTHING: speed, storage, display.  And Apple doesn’t own the beautiful, tactile object market either; see the  HP Envy 14 Spectre or the Zenbook UX31A, or the Toshiba KIRAbook.  Most of my friends on Macs are running Bootcamp all of the time anyways- at that point, I think its definitely worthwhile to consider your PC alternatives

Which brings me to my new phone. The HTC One is BEAUTIFUL. Aluminum unibody, huge display and clean lines. I’m no expert on RAM and other specs, but for the same price, the HTC has all of the comparable stats with double the RAM and storage, is slimmer with a bigger screen, has better battery life and doesn’t limit you to the inflexibility of the Mac OS.

For the record, I still think Apple makes amazing objects.  But thank goodness it finally has some competition- its pretty boring to think all designers are beholden to just one brand of technology.




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