CHACHING! Get your grant on.

It’s that time of the year again…when you say to yourself, “phew! I survived another year of architecture school and damned if I don’t learn from last year and get started on my fall work earlier this summer!”


Yeah, right.

Our ambitions for summer change as the years go by: First its about getting your first architecture job in a *real* firm; Next, it’s about working for a professor over the summer; Then, it’s about getting a jump on thesis research; Finally, it’s about getting your diploma, consolidating your loans, and of course, finding a job.

For those of us this afternoon, it’s about heading over to the pre-Ito lecture bbq and loading up on lemonade and ribs before we catch a glimpse of the most recent Pritzker Prize winner.

100,000 is a lot of money and the Pritzker has been perhaps the most prestigious prize in architecture (next to the MacArthur genius prize, which really isn’t an architecture prize, but somehow still counts?) Yet, the GSD’s Wheelwright Prize, which recently underwent a facelift, has a whole lotta bank as well. From 30k to 60k and now a whopping 100K, the Wheelwright is a prize awarded to a young architect who has graduated in the last fifteen years. Historically the prize has only been open to GSD grads, but this last year marked the prize’s transition from a Harvard-only, to an “everyone is welcome.” And, it’s even better that it’s for recent-ish grads.

Keep this in mind over the next few years. I know that you aren’t in it for the money, but if there’s this much money to be had, why not take a shot? Also, as you use summer to recover from your last studio, just remember that grant season is coming up and with not too much digging, you’d probably find one that could fund your next year. (i.e. the SOM) Why not consider applying for one? And, while you’re at it, take that arch-all announcement to heart and send that paper you wrote last semester off to some archi-conference organizers. You have a great chance of being picked and really boosting your resume.

Now, off to the smoke pit.


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  1. […] presenter (how I got to be there has to do with Anon’s post on applying applying applying here). At first, I was vaguely annoyed that i was going to lose valuable working time to stand around […]

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