JAMES TURREL AT THE GUGGENHEIM: I couldn’t make up something this good

I haven’t been this excited since the Olafur Eliasson show at MoMA! James Turrell is taking over the expansive atrium of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum from June 21 to September 25. If you’re underwhelmed by the renderings of the exhibit or by the images that you find when you Google James Turrell, trust me, his work is something that has to be experienced in person.

A few years ago  I was interning in New York and stumbled across a Turrell show at one of the galleries in Chelsea. That day gallery patrons were swiping at the air in front of them, in total disbelief that Turrell’s Holograms were in fact flat. The next room featured his Light Apertures which do the opposite; they appear completely flat but are in reality niches cut into the surface of the wall. Turrell is a master at making two-dimension things seem three-dimensional and vice versa. If he was able to pull that level of optic deceit off in a 400 square foot gallery I can only imagine what he’ll do with the spatial generosity of the Guggenheim!


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