SHUT EYE: strategies for maximizing your time in Rhino

Sleep is one of those things that the less you have it, the more you think about it, talk about it, and fantasize over it. This is becoming especially apparent as we grow nearer to the end of the semester. When I was an undergraduate architecture student at U. Michigan, my studio friends and I discovered a strategy called “polyphasic sleeping”:

Basically, instead of sleeping for one big chunk of time, you sleep for 20 minutes every few hours. When you sleep in this way, you (supposedly) enter REM sleep immediately, and you can limit your total sleeping time to 2 hours a day while still getting the effects of a full nights sleep. Supposedly, a number of genius figures slept in this way, including my personal idol Bucky Fuller. So do bugs.

Personally, I was never successful at waking up after the allotted twenty minutes, and over the years I’ve found that hours of sleep correlate directly to productivity. In fact, efficient time management/the cult of the all-nighter are particular interests of mine, more on that another week!


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