ORGANIZED: What’s considered beautiful?


Here’s some eye candy for this week: Things Come Apart: A Tear Down Manual for Modern Living, By Todd McLellan

I’m dizzy with delight and even *pre-ordered* this book from Amazon. It’s just so beautiful. Last week I spoke about maps and started to think about how architects map/document things.. This week, I’m wondering why my brain likes to organize and categorize things. At first, I wasn’t sure if Todd’s work had anything to do with my interest architecture, but I have to believe it does.

While we can organize things any way we want, there’s something to be said about organizing things in a pleasing way. I think that’s what Todd Mclellan’s photos do. They hit that sweet spot where we acquire new knowledge at all different levels and all at once: mechanics, design, composition, judgement and choice. We see it all in his work.

Don’t forget to check out earlier works on DesignBoom and Todd’s own website.


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