AN ODE TO GOOGLE READER: Before we can no longer curate content

Here’s my understanding of my own Google Reader subscriptions.

The death of the Reader however is impending and inevitable. In fact, the screenshot is from another Google Reader riff.

Sources are telling us that RSS feeds are dead! it is revived! It is dead again! it now needs to be more social! Well start-uppers..I like my old reader because it keeps me safe from harm. I don’t really care if people would like to know what I have read everyday.  It’s hard these days to get good news fast, much like a reliable old friend who keeps telling you good stories. Chomsky warns us of taking in too many “factoids”, knowing too little about a lot in this information (overload) age.

Information aggregators such as the Reader helps to synthesize things I don’t usually think about just by putting seemingly disparate information/news feed together.


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