The finale of our exclusive interview with THE “Slobo”:

4. What are you doing this weekend?

I will go for a dinner with a classmate/colleague from the Version 0.0 days, she is visiting from Canada and we will go to Koreana for dinner. Other than that, I will smoke a bit of my Django tobacco from Paris and keep cranking up the thesis.

5. What did you need that soccer ball for?

We were conducting an experiment on dialectics and phenomenology by playing a soccer game with two soccer balls for a class that I am TA-ing. It was a great success! If you ever think that working on a project is stressful or tough, start working on three projects simultaneously, and you will realize that ideas will just keep coming from all the different angles!:)

Thanks for being so accommodating!

Thank you. I guess this was way over the word limit, so have fun editing!;)


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