SLOBODAN RADOMAN (Part 1): Your Neighborhood Spammer, Explained.

I’m sure most of you have noticed the emails that you receive from Slobo. They usually start with a strange request and sometimes (if you’re lucky) end in oddly long and public dialogue about the banalities of the law. While many of you (the lucky few!) might know Slobo personally, I’m willing to bet that there are many more of you who think to yourself: “Who is this guy? And does his name rhyme?” For those of you who’ve always wondered about the mystery that is Slobodan Radoman, fret no more! We took a few moments to ask Slobo some critical questions. Extremely long and unadulterated transcript below.

1. WHO ARE YOU? And what are you doing this semester?

6’5″ Montenegrin. Passport No:[removed for Slobo’s personal safety], and/or

The last and only from the experimental 0.0 version of the rejuvenated MIT Architecture Dept. (our lovely Dept. Head calls most of you a 2.0 version, I guess that means you have no bugs)… In fact, I am almost like a Dinosaur of the Dept. given that I cross-registered from Harvard (my alma matter) to MIT to take most of the undergraduate classes in the architecture department, since sometimes in 2004, I believe. and/or

A Global Nomad, with lust for situations when surrounded by good people and witty, smart provocateurs, preferably multilingual.

I am doing my thesis this semester. And when not, I am adding juice to my global nomadISMmovement, enjoying my TA-ship at ACT, and pushing forward my Legatum project. And, of course, hanging out with my most favorite Bostonian – the Charles.



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