LOPSIDED: MIT Architecture. However you want

Ok. So I’ve thought about it: They question of “why MIT.” And, it all came down to numbers: Actually, the good ole ratio. I like to maximize absolutely everything: What does it mean to get the best price on lumber? How can I make sure I’m using the best software for that rendering? How can I get the best bang for my buck? What’s the best course to take; what’s the best lecture to see…? We don’t have a lot of time and while at MIT I can’t say that we have more or less events than the GSD, we’re way ahead of Wentworth, Northeastern, and even the BSA in terms of how many lectures, symposium, and basically interesting stuff that is going on, both officially and unofficially. What’s really amazing about MIT is that we’re both big and small. We’re the biggest research university in the world with a tight, and compact School of Architecture and Planning right smack in the middle.

While the bigness of this place means you can’t take every course available and go to every lecture advertised, it does mean that  you can choose exactly what you want to do. The MIT Architecture ratio of BIG : small means access to everyone and anything that’s here. Students have the amazing luxury of being surrounded by practitioners and scholars who are at the top of their field and aside from their own work, their role as critics and professors means that they have to answer all a student’s questions and address all their concerns—no matter what. That fact is even more amazing when there aren’t one hundred and fifty other students standing in line before you.


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