ARCH_KIOSK: A Comprehensive History


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Arch_Kiosk! You might be thinking to yourself…hmmm…I’ve heard that phrase before. Maybe I’ve seen it written somewhere?

You’re right! You have! We lifted the name for our blog from the popular (sometimes useful, sometimes not-so-useful) internal mailing list (ARCH-KIOSK@MIT.EDU)! Why did we steal the mailing list’s thunder, you might be asking? Firstly, we aren’t STEALING its THUNDER, we are merely appropriating and interpreting its name! Secondly, we like what it stands for. Here is an (ARCH_KIOSK [the blog] EXCLUSIVE) explanation of arch-kiosk (the mailing list) from the indomitable Anne W Simunovic, the foremost authority on MIT architecture mailing lists among many other things:

“Arch” is for Architecture, of course.  “Kiosk” was inspired by information kiosks found in places like train stations and libraries and throughout cities everywhere as a community bulletin board where all sorts of announcements about job postings, internships, lectures and events outside the department, sublets, design competitions, lost items, and more can go.  Basically it’s a place for all announcements of interest to our architecture community that aren’t directly related to the department’s internal academic matters.

We see Arch_Kiosk (the blog) as an extension of this community bulletin board. Beyond the announcements that you get via email, we want this blog to be a place for you to get a whole lot of information in a super-fun easy to read way!  That’s what you can look forward to here. Updates about what’s happening in the department (and beyond!) and daily musings from our posters. If that’s not enough to sell you on the title, don’t you think Arch_Kiosk just sounds super cool?


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