SPRING FEVER: What to do and how to decide?

It’s that time of year again. You know it; as April showers brings May flowers, the end of the semester, spring fever, where it’s really warm one day and then cold and drizzly the next. For me, it’s acceptance letter time!! With all the buzz about this school or that, I’ve been thinking about what makes MIT Architecture the place I want to be at.

I decided that it’s not going to make me a better designer: that takes time and school is such a quick few years. As an MArch, you’d still have to take three to four semesters of core, so I can’t say it will give more freedom than other programs. It’s small, so I’m not necessarily going to get lost in a big student body; on the other hand, does the small size mean I’ll get sick of everyone around me? Do I want a more traditional education, or do I want a more “tech-y” education?

These are the kinds of questions that go through your mind when you’re trying to chose. Let’s face it, no one wants to make a mistake. So, I’m going to think about my answers to this question and see what I come up with. More next week…

In the meantime, I’m planning to check out next Thursday’s double header of events at MIT : the inaugural Tehrani lecture with John Wardle as well as the opening for Rohrbacher and Filson’s great show “Incremental Change,” which will have some pretty cool “fab” furniture on display. (Sometimes, I wonder if it’s worth it to actually go see something in person when you can see it online. I think in the case of the Keller gallery opening, I’ll show up for the free beer and maybe see if I can talk to Gary Rohrbacher and Anne Filson; I hear they are really nice and do great stuff. Summer job..maybe?)

I’ll end today’s note with an image from a recent John Wardle lecture in Singapore. John’s coming all the way from Australia and I don’t want to miss out on seeing his lecture because unlike a lot of the architecture I’ve been seeing lately, John has been building…well, John’s been building buildings. Taking a look at the combination of a beautifully elegant palette of materials with unconventional geometries is worth the hour. Plus, at the end of the day and the week, my brain’s a little fried. Yeah, I could say I’ll watch the lecture online, but you and I both know that with the end of the semester coming up, it’ll never happen.

John Wardle

John Wardle Architects, Nigel Peck Centre, Melbourne Grammar, 2008


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