ORDURE OPERATIVES: Life Lessons As Told By A Library Rat

I’m not sure about you, but it probably took me about a month after setting up shop here to find out where the entrance to Rotch Library was. The entire library is sort of disorienting with its outside-insideiness and disturbing elevator windows. Even so, it is an amazing place to hide from life, have lunch, study, and contemplate your place in this small, small world. I often go to the library when I want to only listen to the sound of a minorly broken air conditioner or the harmonic tip-tapping of multiple people e-procrastinating.

Last semester, while on one of my usual aimless missions in Rotch, I came across a piece of poop in a book. It wasn’t literally a piece of poop but rather a tastefully drawn cartoon fecal rendition. Just hanging out in “Louise Bourgeois Destruction of the Father / Reconstruction of the Father: Writings and Interviews, 1923-1997”. Apparently it was waiting for me just so it could say, via a tiny word bubble, “sup”.

I found it incredibly interesting that someone would think to note-bomb a book about cannibalistic sculpture. In an architecture and planning library.  And if someone did note-bomb a non-architecture book in an architecture library, I would think that it might be something inspirational. Or visually suggestive. Instead, what I got was excrement rendered in what appeared to be a sparkly gel pen. What’s extra amazing about it is that I subsequently couldn’t stop thinking about it – FOR MONTHS! Just when you thought it couldn’t get more exciting, the plot thickens. Last week, I found another one.  Seriously.  In another book. About tensile structures. This time he had a little word bubble that said “HAHA”. Be right back while my brain explodes.

Are these droppings (!) related to the crazy alligator drawing that completely reappropriated the Institutionalizing Technology poster in front of Studio 5? Did I miss the memo that said that we would be having a postsecret redux as design discourse? If so, I just wanted to put you on notice. Apparently, this is what we’re doing now. See you in the library.


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